New Idaho Boating Law Takes Affect This Year
Boating season is fast approaching, but if you own a boat or are getting ready to purchase one, you might want to be aware of this new boating law taking affect in Idaho this year...or it could cost you a $250 fine.
Once Flooding Stops Get Ready For A New Problem: Mosquitoes
This is already shaping up to be one of the worst years in history for flooding in and along the Boise River...The Boise River is at 9000cfs right now with about a 10% chance that we can see it rise to 10,000cfs before spring is over...unfortunately that will cause a whole new problem for the rest o…
Love Triangles
When you hear the phrase "love triangle" what comes to mind? Most people probably think it involves three adults and a messy ending. Raelynn's song has a different take from a totally different perspective.
The 8 Wonders of Idaho
You've heard of the "8 Wonders of the World," but here are the "8 Wonders of Idaho!" My favorite part, you don't have to hike to get to any of these locations!

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