All of a sudden every elementary to Junior High aged kid thinks they have to have a "fidget spinner!" What are they and where can you find them around town?

All of a sudden both of my kids who are 8 and 10 years old insisted they had to get "fidget spinners!" I was like ...


"What the heck are "fidget spinners?!"

"Why do you NEED them?"

"How much are they?!"

"Where do you get them?!"


First off, kids try to sell it to their parents that they need these new little toys because apparently they help you concentrate, so they are great for kids who struggle with ADD and ADHD.



Secondly, they are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find in stores. We went to Toy Town, G. Willikers in Hyde Park, and both places said they were completely out. My son then told me that someone in his class claimed they were selling them at Old Navy, so we looked into that; no luck.



The only place I could find fidget spinners is online at They run anywhere from $6-$30 online and my kids were thrilled to get them in the mail.  I know this is one of those fads that will probably be gone tomorrow, but if you want your kid to be in the loop with what's trendy, ya better get them a Fidget Spinner!