Pull off the best Father's Day pranks for good ole' dad this week.  Here's 5 of the all time best pranks in the book.



  • Hollow out two loaves of bread to make dear old dad a pair of slippers.  Find an old shoe box to put them in, wrap it up, and presto.  They look so good it's a guarantee laugh and dad will probably even try them on and wear them around the house.



  • Swap out the real deal with precision cut play doh... wrap it back up and watch dad squirm when he puts it in his mouth.



  • Take dad's precious beer and swap it out with vinegar.  The trick is learning how to do so without leaving evidence behind that the beer's been opened.  Watch the video below for helpful hints.




  • This works on mom or dad but I'm pretty sure it hits harder for the old man.  The video below gives you step by step instructions on how to guarantee your pregnancy test comes back positive just by dumping a little water on it.




  • Ask your dad for some help in the garage.  Have him grab a broom while you're on a ladder holding a bucket of water to the ceiling.  Find a way to get him to use the broom handle to hold the bucket of water for a second.  Say you need to take a quick pic for your instagram or something and then just leave him.  Dad always ends up wet with this one.


There's bonus pranks in the video below.  Happy Father's Day dads!