You've heard of the "8 Wonders of the World," but here are the "8 Wonders of Idaho!" My favorite part, you don't have to hike to get to any of these locations!

1. Warm River: This river literally never gets cold, even in the winter! This branch of the Snake River is about 50 degrees year-round. It's the perfect spot for fishing in the middle of winter.

2. Snow Rollers: When you get the perfect mix of wind and snow in Idaho, this starts to happen. How cool is this snow "rolling" down the hill!

3. Black Magic Canyon: It's a hidden black basalt volcanic trail that is AWE-mazing! You can find it just north of Shoshone along HWY 75.

4. Ice Caves: You have plenty of these natural wonders to choose from in Idaho. Check out the Niter Ice Cave, Paris Ice Cave, and Shoshone Ice Cave.

5. Soda Springs: Heavy minerals and concentrated gases propel the water up into this beautiful geyser.

6: Chimney Rock: It is a good hour and a half climb if you want to get to the top, but there are plenty of spots to get this incredible view while sitting in your car. You can find it up north in Coolin, Idaho

7. Terraforming on Payette Lake: This is creepy, but super cool. The ice looks is literally reshaping, rolling, and crawling. I've never seen anything like it, but it happens here in Idaho!

8. Mesa Falls and Shoshone Falls: Some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see right here in Idaho!