Last year two men killed a Paul Russell Jr. and today they were handed down life sentences. 


30 year old Paul Russell Jr. was shot in the head October 20, 2016 after trying to help a friend who had gotten in a fight.


29 year old Mykel Blumenshine and 34 year old Lyle Croson, both gang members with long criminal records, opened fire. They weren't aiming for Paul necessarily, but their gunfire killed him and now they have to pay the price.


According to KTVB, Lyle Croson will be eligible for parole after serving 15 years. Mykel Blumenshine will be eligible after 18 years.


Paul did a lot of great things in his short 30 years. He joined the Navy and worked as a chef. His father says he was so kind and generous that he once came home from school barefoot because he had given another kid the shoes off his feet.


In the end his organs saved the lives of four different people, but unfortunately he will never get the opportunity to watch his young son grow up.


Our deepest sympathy goes out to Paul's friends and family.