I-84 Shut Down
If you are traveling this afternoon, beware!! I-84 is shut down in a stretch due to blowing snow.
What Our Snowpack Is Like So Far
We've had a ton of snow here in the valley this year but what's going on where it matters?  The mountains.  How much are we going to benefit from all this snow?
Some Snow, A Lot of Rain on the Way
Now again, the weather has made a liar out of me before.........but ACCORDING TO REPORTS, it looks like we're gonna see some more snow here in the Treasure Valley.
Boise and Meridian could see as much as 1-2 inches, while Nampa and Caldwell are looking at about 2-3, and the Ontario-Weiser area r…
How Much Snow Are We Going To Get??
It's February 1.  We're starting a new month and yes, we have snow... again.  Looks like we're getting snow through the weekend.  So how much are we getting?
Inversion Out, Snow In?
Now don't quote me on this because the weather this year has made a liar out of me before a few times this winter, but reports are saying that we may only have one more day of this inversion...........that's the good news.
However, it looks like we may get some more snow tonight as well as …

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