The Snowiest Spot in Idaho!
If you think we've had a rough winter here, check out this town in Idaho! Over 17 feet!! Woah... that's a lot of snow!
Make-Up Day Plan for Boise Schools Released
Ohhhhhhhh, the kiddos probably aren't gonna like this.  They may have been having a good time staying home on all these snow days, but now plans have been made by the Boise School District to make up for those days by scheduling school on some days that WERE scheduled to be days off...
Porch Roof Collapses Leaving Woman Dead
A Deary, ID woman has died after snow and ice buildup on her porch roof caused it to collapse on top of her.  Reports say that it's unclear whether to woman was arriving or leaving when the roof gave way, which left her trapped.
Latah County Sheriff Rickie Skiles says, "it was just…
Boise Breaks A Snow Record, Not THE Snow Record
So you may have heard about the record breaking snow we've had this year.  And while that's "technically" true, it might not be the actual record you're thinking of.
With yesterday's snow storm, Boise now has gotten 35.5 inches which breaks a record for the …
School Closures for Jan. 24th
This winter has obviously been brutal and we still have some kiddos out of school. Here's a list of the schools shutting their doors today.
More Snow In The Morning
It's been cloudy, rainy, and windy all day today.  We're going to get hit with more snow tomorrow morning.
More Snow on the Way……
Oh you thought we were done?  Bwaaaahahahahaha! >:-) (That's an evil Mother Nature laugh btw) :P
Nope, looks like we're in for another dusting this afternoon and then some more this weekend.  Luckily though, it doesn't look like it's gonna be that much. A...
Attn Drivers: If it Doesn’t Dry or Melt Today it will Freeze
After all of yesterday's snow followed by freezing rain and then rain overnight, odds are you've been seeing a lot of puddles, particularly on the roads, in the Treasure Valley.  Luckily, even though today's high is expected to only be a mere 37, we're at least going to stay…

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