Last week Ada County Sheriff Deputies pulled over 25-year-old Jeffrey Maynard who was driving a stolen vehicle on I-84 in Boise.  The owner's belongings were everywhere but the owner was nowhere to be found.

Credit: Ada County Sheriffs Office

The body of 62-year-old John Cumby Jr. has been found in the mountains of Denver, Colorado.  How Maynard and Cumby's vehicle ended up here in Idaho is one of many questions authorities are asking.


Cumby resided in Illinois but took a camping trip by himself in the Denver area.  So we know that's how he ended up there, but what happened?  And is Maynard the guy who did it?  Maynard already has a checkered past and was a wanted man when arrested in Boise while driving the stolen vehicle.  Maynard couldn't explain the vehicle, the belongings, or where or who John Cumby was.


Maynard is in jail for multiple charges at this time but has not yet been charged with the murder of John Cumby.  We'll keep you posted.