For the first time in more than five years the Lucky Peak Rooster Tail surfaces again.


I've only been here for a year and a half so when things like this pop up, I have no idea what they are.  I guess this is a big deal and makes for some very cool video.  Here's video from 2012's Lucky Peak Rooster Tail...


This Saturday 4-22 and Sunday 4-23 the U.S. Army Engineers will blast water out of Lucky Peak for six hours each day starting at noon.  The water display is known as "The Rooster Tail" because... that's what it looks like.  A rooster tail.


This is excess water not needed for power generation so Lucky Peak is mandated to release it.  Releasing the water into the air stops the possibilities of erosion which would occur if released straight into the ground.


The rooster tail is 150 feet tall and is a huge spectacle so traffic will be an issue.  Its free to watch but there will be lots of people and traffic.  Be patient, drive by slowly, and enjoy the view.


The drive is free and there's a $5 parking charge if you decide to get out at the Discovery State Park.