Yay! Such great news after a sad loss earlier this year.

According to KTVB, Zoo Boise will welcome a new addition, "an 18-month-old male giraffe named Tafari, from the Milwaukee County Zoo."

This comes after their beloved giraffe, Julius Longfellow, had to be euthanized -which then left Jabari, as the only giraffe in the exhibit.

Zoo Boise Assistant Director Liz Littman told KTVB, that giraffes aren't meant be alone:

"Giraffes are herd animals, so we don't want him here alone," she said. "He's doing well, but we don't want to do it for much longer."

Now, Zoo Boise is looking for help to raise the money to get Tafari transferred to Idaho. The estimated cost will be $20,000.

Their fundraising efforts are off to a great start with Idaho Gives Day...so far (2:53p) they've raised $7,366!

According to the 'Friends of Zoo Boise' donation page:

If you donate $50 or more, you will receive an invitation for a special donors-only night to meet Tafari!

Thanks to our friends at O2 Photography, if you donate $100 or more, you can get a certificate for a custom session with the photographer and a $99 credit to use toward hand finished fine art pieces.