We're a kind people, but you've got to approach us in the right way if you want to get on our good side. Here's some tips.


Do: Ask Us Why Everyone Is So Nice Here


It's because we're better than you. Plain and simple. You're mean. Go away.


Don't: Tell Us A Terrible Potato Joke


This honestly isn't even a thing here. Did you Google "Jokes to make about Boise?" Because you are terribly unfunny.


Do: Inquire About Fry Sauce


It'll change your life if you've never tried it. Don't even worry about what's in it, just put it in your mouth and feel the regret of not trying it years ago.


Don't: Ask Us What Life Is Like In Iowa


It's Idaho. I-D-A-H-O. Yes, Timmy, they are different states. You dummy.


Do: Tell Us About How Much Worse Traffic Is Where You Live


We know it is, and we love it. We revel in the fact that our city is not only way better than yours, but also much easier to traverse.


Don't: Ask Us What Part Of Town Is Good To Live In


None of them. This is an awful place to live and you should avoid it at all costs.

Seriously. Have you heard about how terrible Boise is for your health? You've been warned.