16 year old Jehandra Brown is no longer with us and her 18 year old friend is being blamed. 


Jehandra was born in Twin Falls and she grew up there until September of last year when she moved with her family to Spanish Fork, Utah.


It was there that Jehandra met 18 year old Tyerelle Przybycien.


Fast forward to today. Tyerelle has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jehandra Brown and he is also being charged with desecration of her body, but he didn't "technically" kill her, so what happened on May 6, 2017?


Receipts belonging to Tyerelle show that he purchased rope and other items.


Back on April 19th, text messages retrieved from his cell phone detail the morbid plan. He asks a friend "what to do if someone you know wants to commit suicide?" The response is "talk them out of it" but Tyrelle persists, saying he wanted to "help kill them" and that it would "be awesome."


A video was found at the scene that details Jehandra's death over the course of 10 to 11 minutes. It shows Tyerelle checking her pulse to see if she is dead. According to the Idaho Statesman, there are also incriminating texts that he sent to Jehandra before the "suicide." All of these factors have led up to the murder charge.


Suicide is a real problem across the country, and Idaho is no exception, in fact Idaho had the 9th highest suicide in the country last year according to Suicide Hotline Prevention Statistics. In 2015 nearly 1 person in the state killed themselves everyday.


I don't know what is ultimately going to happen to Tyerelle in this case, but it serves as a heavy reminder that suicide is not a joke and in this case it could mean not only a precious life gone, but another may be spending the rest of his life in prison.