Caitlyn Jenner Moving to Idaho
A lot of celebrities have made Idaho home and its easy to see why. Now Caitlyn Jenner is looking at moving to the Gem State. Can you guess which city she plan on moving to?
10 Reasons You DO NOT Want to Move to Boise
I used to hear a lot of bad things about Boise, Idaho. Yeah, really. You don't want to move here Rick, and telly your friends it's no good too. I moved here two years ago from Salt Lake City and here's my take on what they were talking about. Here's why you DO NOT want to mov…
Oprah Winfrey Moving To Idaho
How would you like to have Oprah Winfrey for a neighbor.  New information says she's ready to retire and retire here in Idaho.
Idaho: 4th Most Moved to State
I mean come on, despite everyone's best efforts we all knew the word about this place was gonna get out eventually.  According to United Van Lines, one of the nation's largest moving companies, Idaho now ranks as the 4th most moved to state in the nation...
Helping Kids With Moving
This morning at 2:30 I found my 7 year old daughter Jocelyn quietly crying outside her bedroom. I asked her what was wrong and she broke down saying "Mom, I miss my old friends so much. I miss our old house and our old neighborhood." It broke my heart. She had been watching videos …