Elmore County Drug Bust Finds 215 Pounds of Pot
Hundreds of pounds of marijuana and hash oil was found when the Idaho State Police when they made this major drug bust in Elmore County near the Fairfield exit Wednesday morning just before 10 o'clock.
Marijuana Legal In Idaho
More and more we've been receiving calls, emails, and comments about how Idaho needs to legalize marijuana.  Well... maybe its time.
Legal Marijuana Borders 80 Percent of Idaho
Aside from the Trump's victory, it seems that legal marijuana was a major issue this election season.  And the result is that Idaho is now seemingly standing alone in abstaining from legalizing the substance among it's bordering neighbors...
Idaho Mom Charged For Treating Daughter With Marijuana
23-year-old Kelsey Osborne of Gooding, Idaho is facing criminal charges and fighting to regain custody of her two children after getting into trouble for giving her daughter butter infused with marijuana to treat her seizure-like symptoms.

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