Winter Hits Idaho On I-84
Is this the beginning of a long, frigid Winter like we had last year? Here's what we've got and what we're in for.
Why is I-84 in Mountain Home So Backed Up?
Who was the brilliant mind that came up with doing this project the same weekend Boise State's football team played BYU in Provo, Utah? I've seen all sorts of hashtags on this one.
Man Hit & Killed on I-84 After Party
Greg Montemayer III was heavily intoxicated after a party and spotted walking down the middle of I-84 Saturday night around 10:44. By the time the cops got there at 10:46 he's been hit and killed.
Missing Man’s Body Found
Last week Ada County Sheriff Deputies pulled over 25-year-old Jeffrey Maynard who was driving a stolen vehicle on I-84 in Boise. The owner's belongings were everywhere but the owner was nowhere to be found.

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