A man covered in blood, evidence on the Greenbelt, but the victim and his attacker are gone! What happened?!


The "attack" happened in Garden City near Senior Center on Reed Street. A woman was walking along the road when a man came up to her with blood on him at about 9:30 pm.


Startled by what she saw, the woman called 911.


Sure enough there was blood on the Greenbelt, but officers couldn't find the victim or his attacker. According to KTVB, officers spent hours searching the area and even used thermal imaging equipment to get a better view of the river and the thick bushes along the bank, but they came up with nothing.


It's another reminder to be careful along the Greenbelt, not only because of the high rising waters, but because you never know what could happen, especially after dark.


If you do have any info on this case, please call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.