What's going on?

Treasure Valley Wal-Mart Stores are Changing Their Name
You can't throw a rock around Boise without hitting a Wal-Mart store.
Now when you throw said rocks, you'll be throwing them at a store with a different name.
This isn't just happening in Idaho. A nation-wide change is happening for the behemoth retail chain...
It’s a Christmas Miracle – Cookie Delivery is Coming to Boise
Anyone can order a pizza and get it delivered to their front door. Gourmet cookies though? Now you're playing with power.
Yes, there really is a company that'll deliver freshly made cookies to your front door. They're called Chip, a gourmet cookie company based out of Utah...
Idaho Lawmakers Call For Sexual Harassment Training
With the flood of sexual harassment claims coming from within our nation's govenrment, Idaho lawmakers are trying to stop the problem before it begins.
Why? According to Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy, it's preventative medicine:
Like many professional women, I’ve had my own expe…