Parents are outraged after a survey that contained sexual content was given to elementary aged kids. What's your opinion?!


It happened at Heritage Academy in Jerome last month.


The questionaire is called the Adverse Childhood Experience Survey and is intended to evaluate childhood trauma, but many parents are saying the questions asked were highly inappropriate.


Two other problems that parents are finding with this survey ...

  • parents never gave their consent to have the survey administered to their kids
  • parents say some of their children were disturbed by the questions asked in the survey

Among the questions contained in the survey...

  • questions about sexual abuse using explicit terms
  • questions asking if parents engage or have engaged in drug use or heavy drinking
  • questions asking if any member of their household has ever attempted suicide

The survey was administered to children as young as 1st graders and continued up through 8th grade, although administrators say the questions were modified for younger students, some parents are saying that their younger children were given the more explicit survey.


According to KTVB, the principal and superintendent, Dr. Christine Ivey administered the survey and students at Heritage Academy are considered diverse and high-risk.


In her defense Dr. Ivie told KTVB that the survey was administered to help educators understand the challenges their students are dealing with so they can find ways to help them better.


What are your thoughts? Should a survey like this be given in our public school system?