The fast flowing water around the state has caused another death.


Officials still haven't found the body or the truck of 43 year old Jerry Coburn of Kuna whose truck was swept away in the Payette River earlier this month and now another man has been swept away in fast, high, river water.


60 year old Kenny Swan was swept away in the Little Salmon River on Monday.


According to KTVB, his car went off the rode along HWY 95 just south of Riggins and into the water.


A witness says she saw Kenny get out of his vehicle, but he was swept down stream.


Kenny was traveling with his dog Calvin and it's presumed that neither made it out alive. Deputy's are currently searching for his body. His car was found about a 1/4 mile downstream.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Kenny's friends and family and we certainly hope they find him soon to bring them some closure.