Rob Lowe just posted this photo on his Instagram page!! He's in Boise! Have you seen him?


Rob obviously loves "The City of Trees" since his latest series, "The Grinder" was supposed to take place here. It only last one season, but starred Fed Savage of "Wonder Years" fame and "The Grinder" a.k.a. Rob Lowe who played an actor who starred in his own court drama while his "brother" Fred Savage played a real attorney who worked in ADA County.


I never saw the show, but I heard it was hilarious! Anyway, its unclear if Rob was just stopping by Boise on his way to somewhere else, or if he's sticking around here for a while?!


Has anyone spotted him on the streets? Is he staying at The Grove? Do you think he'd let me take a selfie with him?! It's not all that often that we get celebrities popping up in town, so when I saw this on Instagram today I thought it was pretty cool!


Be on the lookout for Rob Lowe in ADA County, and if you see him, give him a kiss on the cheek for me!