The pictures keep coming in and the payoff couldn't be bigger.  A Brad Paisley V.I.P. package that is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and all you have to do is send in a picture of YOU as the best weekend warrior ever.

You can email your picture to Rick and Carly at or send it in through your WOW Country 104.3 App that you have downloaded on your phone.  The picture needs to have you dressed up in your best camo outfit and WOW 104.3 has to be somewhere in the photo as well.

This contest is FREE and easy to win and the best thing of all is, it doesn't cost you anything.  And all it takes is a quick picture.  Everyone can send in one picture and each picture sent in is considered your qualifying ticket into the contest.  Rick and Carly will choose a random winner on Wednesday, 1-31-2018 and call that winner live on the air at 8:15 a.m.

Here's some of the cool pictures we received today...

Credit: Aletta Arnold

Credit: Billy Barrett
Credit: Micahel Gallegos

Credit: Sally DeBolt