Two men from Canyon County are in the hospital this evening after their semi burst into flames!


27 year old Samuel Tobias of Nampa was driving his semi stacked with cars southbound last night along U.S. near Craigmont when he hit a huge piece of metal in the road.


In the northbound lanes another semi swerved to avoid hitting a deer which caused the 2,300 lb. load of lead he was carrying to shift and spill onto the highway!


According to KTVB, when Tobias' semi hit the ingot of lead the front axle ripped off and the semi burst into flames. To make matters worse, as Tobias was trying to escape the flames, a pick-up truck on top of his semi's car-hauler fell and hit him! He is now battling serious injuries at Sacred Heart Medical Center.


His passenger, 56 year old Mark Wisnefsky was injured, although less severely, and is also being treated at St. Mary's in Cottonwood.


The driver of the semi that dropped the ingot of lead was not injured but has been sited for carrying an un-secure load.


The accident was so bad it shut down Highway 95 in the area for 7 hours.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved, especially to Samuel Tobias and his family.