This local vet did much more than just perform a surgery.

A Meridian boy is back to feeling "happy, happy, happy," with with lab puppy, Phillip.

According to KTVB, 7-year-old, Jackson Thiel, has autism; and the support he gets from his pup, makes him "feel comfortable."

Unfortunately, Phillip the service puppy, was suffering from a life-threatening heart defect called, Persistent Right Aortic Arch.

So when WestVet veterinary surgeon Dr. Jeff Brourman heard about their bond, he knew he had to step in to help. Dr. Brourman offered to perform the surgery to save Phillip's life FREE of charge to the family!

And now, according to KTVB, Phillip is "Phillip is healthy and thriving. The bond between Jakson and his dog gets stronger everyday."

What an amazing gift to a little boy and his best friend. Kudos Dr. Brourman.