From the deepest river to the largest beagle, we've set some pretty interesting and incredible world records in this state!

Check out these records we've set right here in Idaho!!

  • 1

    Longest Straw Bale Maze in the World

    Rupert, ID

    Located in Rupert, we set this record back in 2011. This maze is a whopping 96,847 square feet and provides visitors with an over two mile adventure!

  • 2

    The Deepest River Gorge in the Country

    Hells Canyon

    Hells Canyon plunges down over 7,900 feet to the Snake River. By comparison, the Grand Canyon is only 6,093 feet deep!

  • 3

    We have the Most Expensive Bull in the World

    In 2013 a Hereford Bull from right here in Idaho went for $600,000!!! It was said to have perfect muscle to size ratio, perfect lineage, outstanding color, and weighed 1,410 pounds!

  • 4

    We have the Longest Floating Boardwalk

    On Lake Coeur d'Alene you'll find a 3,300 foot long, 12 foot wide walkway. Nothing else like it can be found in the world!

  • 5

    We have the Largest Beagle in the World and the only Dog Shaped Bed & Breakfast

    Cottonwood, ID

    This dog two story dog suite is the only bed and breakfast in the world in the shape of a beagle! It sleeps four people in an adventure you're sure to never forget!

  • 6

    We have the longest Main Street in the World

    Island Park

    Island Park's Main Street is 36.8 miles long and has been deemed the "longest Main Street in America!"

  • 7

    We are home to the World's Only Floating Green

    On the Lake Coeur d"Alene golf course the 14th hole is a man-made island that changes location. There is nothing like it anywhere else!

  • 8

    We have the Largest Lava Field in the World

    Craters of the Moon features hundreds of volcanic formations. You can't see anything else like it on the planet.

  • 9

    We have the Tallest Single Structure Sand Dune


    At 470 feet, it's the tallest single structure sand dune in the world.

  • 10

    We have the Longest Gondola in the World


    This 3.1 mile long gondola is the longest single-stage gondola in the world. You can find it at Silver Mountain Resort.