Every time I think I've seen it all something else hits the media that absolutely SHOCKS me.  This guy's 68-years-old.  His name is Randy Russell Sargent.  He's out of Idaho Falls and his big mistake according to East Idaho News is responding to an ad on Craigslist from a 15-year-old boy wanting to watch adults have sex.

Now the boy didn't come out and say he was 15 or at least that's what Sargent says.  Sargent says the boy told him he was 18 and that he looked so young because he had some kind of medical condition.

Sargent admitted to sharing inappropriate pictures with the victim and ultimately meeting with him on five different occasions for sex.  Sargent does say that the two never did actually have intercourse although they did multiple other things that were obviously NOT legal.

One of the weirdest things they did is Sargent bringing in another adult male and dressing up in a diaper to make the 15-year-old boy feel comfortable.  What?  Comfortable?  That's about the last thing I'd feel watching two grown men rolling around in nothing but diapers.

Sargent is looking at a possible 25 years in prison.  His court date is December 14, 2018.