I've never lost a pet but, I could imagine that it's very very tough. I can also imagine that I'd want to be comforted while I'm going through it all. This is exactly why this story is pulling at my heart strings sooooo bad. Earlier this month, Madison Palm and her Corgi, Cora -who live in Coeur d'Alene, were waiting for their plane at SeaTac. According to KTVB, Cora, who never leaves her human's side, went right up to a stranger and snuggled up next to his leg to get some lovin'.

Nothing too special right? Well, it turns out that the stranger was in need of some comforting. See, it turns out he lost his dog the night before. *YOU'RE CRYING*. Ok, as I try and hold back the tears, how cute is this!! Cora's human, Madison told KTVB, "I swear, she can sense sadness and she really, truly lives to comfort people."

Ok, I'm on my way to get tissues.....way to go, Cora. You're the cutest little puppy there ever was.