In an incredible rescue a 20 year old snowmobiler has been found in a snow cave!


Kacey Hebdon of Preston, Idaho is back with his family this morning after being separated from his group in the Copenhagen Basin area on Sunday.


Kacey was able to use his cell phone, but unfortunately he couldn't give the search and rescue team his exact location.


With freezing temperatures, Kacey used his survival skills and built a snow cave to help keep himself warm.


Thankfully Kacey was found about 5 o'clock last night. According to KTVB, it is possible he has suffered frostbite and may lose a few toes.


Kacey didn't have any survival supplies with him. No food, water, not a lighter, nothing, so he literally used the only thing he did have, snow to survive.


We are so glad he's o.k. and obviously his family and friends are thrilled to have him back home.