OMG, this has got to be so devastating for the family who called this house home. Here's how and where it happened. 


We are all feeling the effects of "Snowmaggedon 2017." Waters along the Boise River continue to rise, the city of Weiser has been hit particularly hard, leaving people stranded in their cars and in their homes, but what happened to this house in Keller,Washington is something we hope we never see here in the Treasure Valley.


According to KTVB, the home started slipping into the Sanpoil River on Sunday and this is how it looked as of yesterday. Luckily the homeowners had a little bit of time to collect their things and get out of the home before it went into the waters. No one was injured, which is also great news. The bad news is that there is another home in this area anticipating the same fate.


Crossing our fingers that we don't find ourselves in this same situation.