V.I.P. tickets worth $300 to the Gowen Thunder Air Show are going out tomorrow morning with Rick and Carly and all you need is a phone and a little dedication.  Like calling 1,000 times type of dedication.

Credit: Scott Barbour / Getty Images


Tickets to the Gowen Thunder Air Show are free but V.I.P. tickets are hard to come by and very expensive.  If you want to make sure that this is a once in a lifetime show then you have to go V.I.P. style.  Rick and Carly are hooking you up tomorrow morning at 8:15 and all you have to do is call... and call... and call... and call.


If you're caller number 1,043 at 208-338-1043 you win.  Rick and Carly will kick all the calls off tomorrow morning giving away Boo Bash tickets along the way to make sure we keep you calling.  Ha!  Don't know if your fat little fingers can handle calling in this much and we have no idea how long it'll take us to field this many calls but for one lucky caller, who is very persistent, they will have a day like no other.  Good luck!