McKell in Caldwell is in a bad situation. She desperately needs to keep her job but she has discovered all sorts of lies regarding her boss! What do you think she should do?!!


Dear Rick and Carly, 

I work as the bookkeeper and administrative assistant in my office. Last week, I discovered a discrepancy while going over the company's books. My boss has been skimming from the company. As I dug further, I found out he was using the money to rent hotel rooms and pay for expensive dinners and gifts. I am 99% sure he is cheating. He wants me to sign off on the books, which would make me liable if the company got in trouble with the IRS. On top of that, his wife owns half company and would certainly fire me if she found out that I knew about the cheating and the skimming. I would quit if I could, but I'm a single Mom of two and need the job. I also don't want to go to jail if the IRS catches us. What do I do?



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