We've got a 14 year old girl here in the Treasure Valley that is upset by what her Mom is wearing. She thinks her newly single Mom is not dressing her age, but what do you think?!


Lacey is a teenage girl who lives in Middleton and she's just gone through the difficulty of her parents divorce. Lacey is bugged by how her Mom is dressing and acting, so she wrote us this e-mail.


Dear Rick and Carly, 

I am 14 years old and writing you because I listen to your show every day. My Mom and Dad divorced several months ago. My Mom is embarrassing the hell out of my brother and me. She posts pictures of herself in bikinis and half shirts on Facebook and goes out in clothes that are too skimpy. My Mom looks good, but I think she has a responsibilty to represent our family in a certain way and with more class. She disagrees and says it's time for her to focus on herself a bit. She's got the attitude of "if ya got it, flaunt it!" What do you think?

Thanks for your help, 



Ladies, what do you think? Is there a line that has been crossed here?