This is such an awkward situation! Natalie in Boise is caught up in this weird triangle between her boyfriend and his Dad! What do you think she should do ladies?!

We received this e-mail from Natalie...

Dear Rick and Carly, 

In early 2014, I worked as an exotic dancer at a strip club here in Boise because I had fallen on hard times and needed to make some money. While I was there, I had several men, who payed me very well. I no longer work there and have since moved on to a great career. Last month. I started casually seeing Michael. Last Friday night we went back to his place and had some wine. I was shocked when I saw some of his family photos and realized his conservative "churchgoing" father was one of my best customers! He would talk dirty to me, spend tons of money, and claimed he was getting divorced. Next weekend, Michael is taking me to a family gathering. Should I tell him what I used to do and how his father was a client or just stay quiet and see what happens?

Help Me Please!



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