Imagine making the very difficult decision to put your beloved family dog down, only to discover she's alive 6 months later. It happened to this family and this is their story. 


Last fall the Coates family decided it was time to put their family dog to sleep. Zoey, a boxer breed, had started having seizures and they discovered a large mass on her side so they thought it was time to let her go.


11 year old Jaxton slept with Zoey nearly every night and called her his best friend.


November 29, 2016 the decision was finally made that it was time to let Zoey go and so they took her to Bayview Animal Hospital in Farmington, Utah to have her put to sleep.


Here's where the story gets really crazy! 6 months later the Coates decided they were ready to open their hearts to a new dog. They wanted a boxer breed again, just like Zoey so they looked on a rescue page for boxers and were stunned to find what they knew was Zoey on the page!


Tawny Coates had a receipt from the euthanasia and even a sympathy card from the Baview Animal Hospital, but as it turns out her dog was never put to sleep!


According to KTVB, Dr. Mary Smart claims that when Tawny's father brought the dog in he was clear that he wanted to have the dog put down but she felt he had years left to live and didn't want to euthanize Zoey.


She says she discussed options such as surgery or medication, but he turned those options down. Mr. Coates disputes these claims and say the discussions never happened.


There is obviously a legal and ethical issue here, but in the end the Coates got their dog back and now they say they are just making up for lost time.