Now this is creepy stuff! Did you know there is a sunken ship graveyard right here in Idaho?! Here's how you can find it!


It's hidden under Lake Coeur d'Alene; a graveyard filled with dozens of sunken steamboats that once filled the lake between 1870 and the 1930's.


According to day trips on the steamboats were so popular that upwards of 30,000 people would flock for a ride on Lake Coeur d'Alene.


The steamboats weren't just used for industry, they were used for weddings, parties, joyrides, and even funerals.


They brought so many people to Coeur d'Alene that the population in the early 1900's boomed from 500 to more than 8,000 people.


One of the most luxurious steamboats was nicknamed the "Titanic" of Lake Coeur d'Alene. It could carry 1,000 passengers, featured a restaurant, and freight hauler but when the automobile was invented the popularity of the steamboat quickly faded.


Each of the steamboats were eventually burned and sunk in a massive underwater graveyard where they still rest today.


Since then many people have scuba dived to take a peek at the remains and occasionally they bring up hidden treasure buried deep within these once beautiful ships.


It's spooky, weird, and beautiful all at the same time and it's right here in Idaho!