Oh this is a doozy! A married woman, one night stand, a 6 year old little girl, and a pregnancy! Ladies, help this woman out! Please!


I don't know that we've ever received such a tough situation with "Girl Talk."

We received this e-mail earlier this week...


Dear Rick and Carly, 

I've been married for 9 years to my wonderful husband. We have a beautiful 6 year old daughter. In December I went to a charity gala where I got drunk and ended up "hooking up" with a co-worker. It was a one-night stand that both of us regret and nothing will ever happen there again. The big problem is I just found out I'm pregnant and don't know who the father is. What should I do... tell my husband about the affair or stay quiet and see if I can tell who the daddy is when I give birth? I'm totally freaking out and don't want to lose my marriage. Please help!

"Keely" in Nampa


Wow,  ladies please leave a comment below or call 338-1043 and let's try to give her some good advice.