I participated in my first "Yoga on the Blue" yesterday and I loved every minute of it! An opportunity to go right down on the Blue Bronco field and start the day with a little Namaste.

I did yoga for years. It helped clear my head, helped me sleep better, and challenged me physically. I loved it. In October of 2014, I had 14 discs in my spine fused together and I said goodbye to my yoga days because when you can't bend your back, you feel like the most un-flexible person on the planet! However, "yoga on the blue" was my second attempt at doing yoga again post fusion and once again I was reminded how much I love it, flexible or not.

Yesterday was the 5th Annual Yoga on the Blue. If you haven't been, plan to go next year! It's a great opportunity to get on the blue Bronco field, which is why my 10 year old son happily tagged along! (It also provided an opportunity for him to get some of the BSU football players autographs, which he loved!!)

We'll keep you posted on when "Yoga on the Blue" will be held next year. In the meantime, if you went, check out my pictures and see if I caught you doing downward dog!