The City of Boise is doing their part to keep waste out of the city's landfill.

Did you know 45% of the waste at the city's landfill is compostable?

The City of Boise is doing their part to keep that waste out of the city's landfill with their new compost collection program for most Boise residents.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can now put your lawn clippings, leaves, vegetables, fruits, coffee grounds, and other compostable material in it's own bin; and it will get picked weekly up along with your regular trash and recycling bins.

What's in it for you? Although it may seem like a little more work sorting out your trash there's a silver lining. Once the waste has been transformed to finished compost, Boise residents can use it for their gardens FREE of charge.


Will my monthly bill increase? Yes. Single family homes are expected to see an increase of about $8.40, but, if you participate in the program you’ll get a $5 credit, which will bring the increase to only $3.40 per bill cycle. *You can also opt out of the program, OR get a waiver if you already have a compost system in your home.

What do the bins look like? The new compost bins look just like your trash and recycle bins...they'll be grey with a green lid. You can customize the size / amount of your bins now through March 31 HERE.