It's something you think you'll only see in the movies. This Boise man woke up to a burglar in his home yesterday morning and he ended up being shot. 


David McBride was asleep yesterday at about 7 a.m. with his wife by his side when they heard noises coming from their living room.


At first the couple thought it was their roommate, but when David's wife got up to check on the situation she found a man putting valuables in her purse!


David sprung into action and chased the man for about a block and then all of a sudden the suspect  turned around tried to shoot David! Luckily the robber misfired twice.


David wasn't walking away without a fight though, so after the missed shots he tackled the burglar to the ground and grabbed his wife's purse.


It was just after he got the purse back that David was shot in the shoulder by the suspect and the the robber successfully ran away.


According to KTVB, the search ensued but cops were unable to catch this guy. As for David he's still got a bullet in his shoulder because the shot was so close to a nerve.


The suspect is still on the loose and police are asking for your help in catching this guy. His picture is above and he's being described as

  • 5"11"
  • approx 170 lbs
  • blondish/brown hair
  • goatee
  • wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and a black tactical-style backpack

Please be on the look out and if you think you see this man contact police.