Do you or someone you know need help with snow removal? Here's a place to find help!

We’ve seen more snow in the Treasure Valley than we have since 1985 and with another storm on the way…it looks like some more shoveling fun is in store for us. Luckily there's a new website that connects folks who need help with snow removal and some good samaritans.

A local company called, Webmarkets Internet Marketing, has developed Shovel Up Boise, a online portal where people in need of snow removal help can get connected with volunteers from all over the Treasure Vally.

According to KTVB, Joe Egbert with Webmarkets, says he came up with the idea while he was shoveling his own home.

"There's got to be tons of people who actually have problems, need help and just don't know who to turn to,"


If you -or someone you know- is in need of help with snow removal at their home OR you want to become a volunteer, CLICK HERE to sign-up!

Credit: Getty Images / Alex Wong