It's not for something she did, but her decision to wear this dress.

Ok, grab your tissues. A Boise bride is getting national attention for a sweetest video of her revealing her dress to her grandmother.

The reason it's so special is because the dress she's wearing is the exact one her grandma wore in 1962.

According to the Idaho Statesman, 23-year-old Jordyn Cleverly, and her wedding photographer wanted to take a 'first-look' photo of her in her grandmother's dress. She made the reveal during their rehearsal dinner, and grandma Penny Jensen, 74, couldn't contain the tears.

Penny was going to donate the dress, but luckily Jordyn's dad hung on to it.

After attempting to find a dress for her own wedding...Jordyn was discouraged because she couldn't find 'the one'. She thought about her grandma's dress, but according to the Idaho Statesman, "couldn’t even find a dry cleaner that would touch it.”

But, eventually she found a seamstress in Caldwell, who was able to restore it and altar it to fit Jordyn like a glove. Watch the beautiful reveal below! Try not to cry!