Last week we told you of a 23-year-old newlywed who had fallen in the Snake River. Now a body found in the river has been positively identified as Kayla Davis. 

Kayla's death is being called a "tragic accident." She allegedly slipped on a piece of driftwood and fell into the fast-moving waters of the snake river.

Investigators had to use dental records to positively identify Kayla's body according to KTVB.

Her family had previously released this statement.

"The death of our daughter Kayla was a tragic accident. Every day that goes by without the recovery of her body is too painful to be expressed. We are so grateful at this time for our family and our friends, countless numbers of kindnesses from people we know and those we don't. We have tremendous respect and appreciation for the Idaho Falls Police Department and Bonneville County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue members for their knowledge, dedication, caring, and compassion during the most difficult of times. We ask that any information to assist in locating Kayla be directed to the proper authorities and that our privacy continue to be respected. Thank You. The Davis Family."

Although this positive identification must be so very painful for Kayla's family, we certainly hope it brings them some peace and closure. Please keep her family in your prayers.