A new study reveals the most scenic getaway in all 50 states. Here's the most beautiful place to visit in Idaho! 


According to msn.com, the "Most Scenic Getaway in Idaho" is...


Sun Valley


I LOVE exploring this beautiful state. I've been to Cascade and McCall; I've experienced adventures right here in the Treasure Valley, I've been as far north as the quaint town of Grangeville, but I've never really explored the eastern part of Idaho. One of my bucket list items is a trip to Sun Valley.


According to this study, Sun Valley is great in the summer and in the winter. Of Course they are known for incredible skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling but in the summer you can enjoy breathtaking trails, incredible fishing, and who knows, maybe you'll even run into Bruce Willis and Demi Moore because they've been neighbors to Sun Valley for a couple decades now.


Congratulations Sun Valley!!