Doesn't it just drive you crazy when you see a rad outfit on Pinterest or some other place and there's just no info on where you can buy it?  Admittedly I am in love with Apps both of the appetizer variety and for my phone.  So, imagine my surprise when I found the best app EVER!

I have been looking for a new dress.  Think boho chic with sparkles.  Which when you google that phrase yields fewer results than one would expect.  I saw a particular dress on some image search that was the perfect one I had wanted and naturally there was no store attached to it.  That's when I found Where To Get It.  An app that clearly I had missed the boat on.  You can upload anything.  Shoes, handbags, outfits, and then the circle of people on Where To Get It will find it for you.  They are still searching for my dress but there are several cute things that now have homes thanks to what I would happen to call the Best App Ever.  And with the holidays coming up what better way to shop for that hard to buy for person.  You have a great app to share?