The little boy was just a month old when he was brutally attacked by the family's small dog!

What an absolute nightmare. I can not even imagine as a Mother stumbling upon this scene.

A Kuna woman who lives near Linder Road and Sagwon Drive says she placed her one month old little boy in a swing while she unloaded groceries from her car and into the kitchen.

She says she checked on her son multiple times in between trips but one time when she was gone for approximately four minutes she came back to find her son on the ground with obvious injuries from the family's dachshund.

When I heard this story I thought, "Wow that could happen to anyone." It's just sickening. I have a small dog myself and I always trusted our dog around my babies but this goes to show you can never be to careful.

The family has three dachsund's but investigators believe one of them climbed up into the swing, started biting the baby, and knocked him out of the swing .

According to the mother the dog has no history of aggression.

KTVB says the baby boy is still in the hospital and so far no charges have been filed in the case.