Fire season is among us.

I think it goes without saying that you should ALWAYS be responsible and use precaution when using fireworks. But then again, there are cases where people's recklessness cause major damage, like last summer's Table Rock fire that burned more than 2,600 acres and claimed one family's home.

So, Ada County officials want you to be aware that there IS a fireworks ban in effect through the end of fire season. The ban includes unincorporated areas which are both outside of city limits AND outside of a fire protection district.

The Ada County Commissioners signed Resolution No. 2243 yesterday and it states:

it’s unlawful for any person to use fireworks in an area that constitutes a severe fire threat based on the vegetative conditions during the current fire season as determined by the county commission. Any person who violates this ordinance could be charged a misdemeanor.

They're hoping the ban will prevent fires in areas that aren’t covered by fire departments or districts.

Here's a map of the banned areas.