Do you remember that horrible crash last week in Caldwell involving a man running a stop sign and being hit head on. The tragedy just got worse. 


A 12 year old, 9 year old, and 3 year old child are dead after this awful accident that happened on March 30th at Homedale and Farmway Roads.


32 year old Manuela Vera Gonzalez was driving his family in a van when he ran a stop sign and was hit head-on by a pickup truck.


9 year old Kimberly Vera-Guzman and her 12 year old brother Jesus Manuel Vera- Guzman were not wearing their seat belts, while 3 year old Ulises Vera-Guzman was buckled up in the back seat.


The cause of death determined by ADA and Canyon County Coroner's is blunt force trauma to the head in the case of all three children.


According to KTVB, 12 year old Jesus died at the scene while 9 year old Kimberly and 3 year old Ulises technically were pronounced dead on Saturday, April 1st. Their bodies were kept on life support after that so that their organs could be donated.


Both of the kids parents and an older sister survived the crash. The driver of the pick up truck is also expected to be o.k.


If you'd like to donate to this family who has now lost three beautiful children you can link to their Go Fund Me account.