It happened in Owyhee County. Dozens of dead animals and 23 counts of animal cruelty.


I will never ever understand animal cruelty. How you could mistreat or neglect helpless animals that are so dependent upon us for everything is an evil I just cannot comprehend.


This story makes me sick, and the only peace any of us can take is that it was discovered and some of these animals are out of harms way.


The original discovery came back on January 25th. A phone call was made to the Owyhee County Sheriff's Office reporting dead horses and cattle in Grand View, Idaho.


When officials showed up to the property dead animals were visible upon arrival. Among the obvious were 6 dead horses and 9 dead cows.


In what is being described as a "horror show" on KTVB, livestock were frozen dead to the ground and all of the animals that were still living were in very sad condition.


22 starving horses were taken in and have been being treated and Idaho Horse Rescue was able to purchase 17 of the horses in the past two weeks. The other 5 horses will hopefully be adopted.


In addition to the animal cruelty charges, the couple in this case will not be allowed to own any livestock for 5 years. Hopefully they'll learn a thing or two about caring for animals between now and then.


I know it's been a tough winter, but there is no excuse for this. In a separate story coming out of Eastern Oregon, a couple has been charged with 200 counts of counts of neglect regarding starving cattle. Really?!