The biggest headache of all for some parents during these storms has been what to do with the kids with all these snow days!?!  Well some have turned to activity centers around the Treasure Valley as a place where the kids can burn off some of that cabin fever they've been experiencing and they can get some work done too.

Tiffany Quilici, marketing director at Wahooz says, “on an ordinary day typically there are not many guests here.  Certainly we have seen a lot of families coming out here from these last snow days of school having fun and burning energy."

Quilici goes on to say, "we feel that a mom or dad's comfort while they are here is just as important as kids fun, we have a lot of places where parents can work, we have free WiFi."

Greg Cordero, vice principal of Compass Public Charter School has felt the burden of these snow days too and has been spending some of his time at Wahooz.  "I can jump on their free WiFi, I don’t have to use my data and prepare for the next day we have school."

However, not everyone can work from a place like Wahooz while their kids play.  Some Moms and Dads have to show up at the office.  In an effort to lend a hand, the Boys and Girls Club of Garden City has extended their hours, opening at 7 am rather than their normal time of 3 pm.

Boys and Girls Club of Garden City Executive Director Colleen Braga says, "most of our families are working families and they can’t afford to be out for five or six days for snow days, so it has been hard for everyone."  Braga continues, "we want to be open and hopefully the kids want to be here because it is better than sitting around at home."

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