Flooding is so bad in Weiser that a 68 year old man was on the brink of death after being trapped in his home. 


Weiser has been hit particularly hard by Snowmaggedon 2017. An ice jam blocked the Weiser River from flowing into the Snake River, which caused waters to spill over the banks and cause extensive flooding in the small town.


The east side of the city has been hit the hardest and near Cove Road and Cooper Lane the flood waters stand several feet, burying roads, fields, and yards.


68 year old, William Shanahan initially refused help and wanted to ride out the flood in his home, but eventually he stepped outside and was hoisted by a helicopter to safety. He later said spoke to KTVB and it was so cold he doesn't know how much longer he would have made it.


According to KTVB, 5 adults, 3 children,and their 4 horses were also rescued from the flooding on Friday. It was so bad that the family was standing on top of their car in order to avoid the water.


Weiser Police Chief Carl Smith said a shelter has been set up or those residents displaced by flooding at the Vendome Events Center. Weiser residents are also encouraged to move to higher ground if they are in the flood area.