Are they magical, mystical, or even real.  People have been talking about pure white, albino deer that show up late at night at the Dry Creek Cemetery in Boise.  Now we have proof!


Friday night the albino deer came out a little earlier than normal.  Susan Tarbox sent photos into KTVB that her husband took of the legendary albino deer at around 8:30.  This is no longer a myth.  It's fact.


At first they thought it was a statue until they saw it move.  Susan said...

"We stopped and I stared at the deer until he moved his head again.  We got out to look at him and he looked very peaceful, standing there and quietly nibbling the shrubs.  We couldn't believe he was real, he was stunning. It felt surreal, like we were looking at some sort of mythical creature.  We both grew up in the country in upstate NY with whitetail deer everywhere, but have never seen anything like this guy.  The deer eventually wandered away from that spot and I looked around and saw that it was an area for children to be buried.  I thought to myself that if I had a child buried there, it would be amazing to have such a special animal standing nearby.  He looked like he belonged there. I can't imagine the sorrow felt by the loved ones of the children buried there, but the deer's presence among the beautiful greenery created such a serene, peaceful setting. I think that the glow the late sun casts on natural surroundings contributed to the awe-inspiring scene. We've lived in the city of Boise for 4 years and there always seems to be something about this area that amazes us!"


You can check out a picture of this beautiful animal on the KTVB site HERE.